Booking Fee

A minimum booking fee of £100.00 secures your date so that it is no longer available to other clients from this point and is therefore non-refundable. It also means that the wedding package and any offers will be honoured from this point on.


Following the payment of the booking fee the outstanding balance for all bookings must be paid in full 30 days prior to the event (6 weeks before the event for photo/video package).

Failure to do so will result in Capture The Moment not attending. We aim to contact all our couples during the week of the wedding to confirm times and locations etc. If however you have not heard from us 48 hours before your event it is your responsibility to contact us to confirm everything.  

Change of date / Cancellations and Information Held

Should your event be cancelled or postponed for any reason please contact us in writing either by letter or email as soon as possible (minimum of 6 months notice before your event).

Provided a minimum of 6 months notice has been given then any booking fees paid can be transferred to a new date within 2 Years of cancelling at no additional cost. As a result, when you cancel an email will be sent to you asking for your details to be kept on file so we can confirm payments have been made. If you do not wish for your details to be kept on file then all information we hold on you will be completely removed from our system and all payments made lost. This means they cannot be transferred to a new date.

If you choose to cancel your event and not keep your details on file then as detailed above your booking fee is non refundable and will therefore be lost at the point of cancellation. If further payments have been made towards your booking a further fee of £50.00 will be retained to cover additional admin costs (making the total loss £150.00). Any remaining payments will then be refunded, (please note refunds may take up to 30 days)

Please acknowledge that by booking our services we are promising to hold your wedding date and not take on other work on the understanding that you will honour this too. Therefore if less that 6 months notice is given regarding the cancellation of your event then the full balance will be due at the time of cancellation as we will have honoured our promise to you and will have little or no opportunity to replace the booking.


‘Capture The Moment’ is hired to provide photographic coverage of both you and your wedding guests on your wedding day and pre shoot (if included in your package). These images will remain the copyright of ‘Capture The Moment’ unless a CD/USB/digital download of the images is purchased. At this stage, copyright will be held by both parties. It is contrary to the Copyright & Design Act 1988 to copy or allow to be copied photographically/electronically or by any other means an image created as part of this contract without the permission of ‘The Capture The Moment' in writing.

Data Storage & Duration

All personal data including photographs will be stored on GDPR compliant systems which at present including Tave, Webflow, DropBox, Pixieset and Google Drive. Any hard copies of information held will be stored securely at an alarmed location under lock and key to ensure data privacy. For accountancy purposes, 7 years of accounts must be held on file. After such a time all personal information will be deleted. Signed permissions forms/contracts will be kept indefinitely.

A time scale of 1 year is allotted for the completion of all wedding albums after which time we are not obliged to store images or complete albums. However, if permission has been given for images to be used for advertising purposes etc said images may still exist on social media sites and select images may be retained for advertising purposes indefinitely.

Deleting Personal Data

You have the right to request a copy of any personal information we hold on you, please just get in touch. Should you request that the information we hold be removed then all reasonable measures will be taken to remove any data we hold as quickly as possible.


Capture The Moment will provide a pleasing colour balance on all printed/finalised images but cannot guarantee exact colour matching owing to anomalous reflectance caused by a combination of certain dyes and materials especially man-made fibres. It is sometimes impossible to record on film or digitally the exact colour as seen by the human eye. The images will be post processed and judgment on the final appearance of the images will be deemed to be correct and final by the photographer.

Coverage On The Day

Please allow us to do our job by ensuring that Capture The Moment (including any second shooters they may use) are the exclusive photographer(s) on the day. Guests, family and friends may take their own photographs and ‘selfies’, as long as they do not interfere with the photographers duties or try and pass our hard work off as their own.

Photographic arrangements

Capture The Moment aims to provide you with a pleasing array of wedding images in a variety of locations, groups and arrangements. However, due to time constraints, the weather, other suppliers, the willingness and/or availability of guests/subjects, venue allowances etc it is important to note that it may not be possible to capture all the images requested.


In the unlikely event of circumstances beyond our control resulting in Capture The Moment being unable to attend your event, (such as adverse weather conditions, accident or illness) we reserve the right to appoint an alternative photographer to attend your wedding on our behalf and photograph the event to the best of their ability. If you do not wish to have this photographer attend then Capture The Moment will be deemed to have met their commitment and no refund of the booking fee will be offered. However if we are not able to provide alternative coverage a full refund will be given, but no compensation will be offered.


Any complaints should be raised by the client in writing within 21 days of the issue arising. Any complaint should be handled directly between the client and company and not published to any 3rd parties either privately or publicly on social media etc.  All issues will be dealt with promptly and swiftly to the best of our ability.  In the unlikely event that an issue cannot be resolved an alternative substitute or compensation will be provided at the discretion of the company.

Wedding Albums

After your wedding day Capture The Moment will make the wedding images available to you via the website for you to choose your images in accordance to your selected wedding package.

If after 6 months from your wedding day no images have been selected for your album a rough design will be done for you to review and adapt to help progress the development stage.

However, if after 1 year from your event no further progress has been made these images will be presented to you on a CD/USB copyright free and no album will be provided.

All wedding albums are supplied by a 3rd party and are updated and discontinued regularly.  As a result we do not guarantee that the albums you viewed at weddings fayres etc will be the album you will receive after you wedding. All Capture The Moment will guarantee is the image design/ layout inside. Upon completion of your design you will be given an option of different cover designs/styles to choose from in accordance with your package.  

All Terms & Conditions are correct from 2020 but are subject to change without prior notice. Any alterations will be made to the website first and these are what must be adhered to. Please contact us directly if you have any queries.